14 Oct 2019

Interview with MetalHangar18 [BG / ENG]

S.: You’re working on a new album, tell us more about it. Is it a concept album, what are the themes?

N: Yes, we are recording it right now. The album will take flesh and bones under the name „Candles“, an object that has a very interesting symbolism. A candle is a device that brings light and uses oxygen as a fuel and the very candle to sustain the flame. Slowly it fades away as smoke until it is gone and everything returns in the darkness where things get interesting in another way. Does it remind you anything familiar?

It is not a concept album, it is about some specific experiences we had and the „gifts“ of them. We have been changed as persons and that you can also feel it in the sound of the new album. It is more aggressive, more atmospheric but it is more „certain“ and solid. This is going to be a side of us that people haven’t met yet and we think they are going to appreciate it.

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